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Yoga Teacher Training RYT 200


Here's What To Expect During Our

Yoga Teacher Training

Enrollment is CLOSED for this course as a certified Yoga Alliance 200hr training through at least all of 2024.


We begin Februari 3, 2024


This training is in person and we practice together, cook together and grow together.

Meet Saturday 9-5pm Sundays 1-5pm. 


Meet weekly for 8 weekends.


Attend classes at Bayfront Monday and Thursdays 6pm

Practice daily, Sadhna

Community service 20 hours


Yoga Teacher Training RYT 200

During This Training You'll Learn

This 200hr Yoga Alliance registered course will profoundly expand your knowledge while deepening your practice of VINYASA & HATHA YOGA.


Beyond that

you can expect the following...

  • Graduate with the skills and confidence ready to teach immediately after graduation

  • Carefully curated modules, videos, and lessons

  • Chakra balancing using yoga, meditation, mantra, and music 

  • Cultivating Abundance

  • Preserving Abundance

  • Teaching Opportunities

  • YTT & Certs

  • Path of the Teacher

  • Classroom Set up & Orientation

  • Class Levels & Prerequisites

  • Class Etiquette

  • Waking up the Spiritual Environment

  • Creating Happy Space

  • Space for Healing

  • Holding Integrated Space

  • Voice & Language

  • Apprenticing

  • Business of Yoga

  • Regulation of the Profession


I have been attending Free Yoga At Bayfront Park for almost a year and, really, this is one of the best Miami-Dade County programs out there.



  • Vedas

  • Upanishads

  • Bhagavad Gita

  • Yoga Sutras

  • Tantra 

  • Hatha

  • Seat of the Teacher

  • Yoga’s Journey to the West

  • Yoga Styles

  • Bandhas

  • The Five Sheaths

  • Prana

  • Nadis

  • Chakras

  • Gunas

  • Doshas

  • Subtle Energy

  • The Physical Setting

  • Archetypes & Mythology

  • Teaching who is in front of you

  • Teaching Meditation

  • Guided Meditation Techniques

  • When to Meditate

  • Meditating Amid Flow of Body & Breath


  • Basic Elements of Asana Practice

  • Instructing Asana

  • General Principles in Physical Cues & Adjustments

  • Modifications

  • Variations & Props

  • Principles of Sequencing

  • Basic Arc & Structure of Class

  • Sequencing within Asana Families

  • Planning Specific Classes

  • Chakra Model of Sequencing

  • Popular Hatha Sequences & Creating your class

  • New to Yoga

  • Working with Injuries

  • Working with Depression

  • Teaching in Alternative Settings

  • Working with Pregnant Students

  • Kids Yoga

Additional Needed Materials

  • Required Textbooks​

  • ​Yoga Mat​

  • Yoga Block

  • ​Yoga Blanket

  • Notebooks with lined paper 

  • Journal for writing and collecting quotes and things

  • Writing instruments (pens/pencils)

  • Your presence

  • Required Textbooks

  • The Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali: Translation and commentary by Swami Satchidananda

  • The Key Muscles of Yoga Anatomy Book by Ray Long

  • Yoga Mala: by Sri K. Pattabhai Jois

  • Bhagavad Gita: by Stephen Mitchell

  • Light on Yoga: By BKS Iyengar

  • The Sivananda Companion to Yoga

  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika: by Swami Muktibodhananda




Welcome Video from Full Circle Yoga School Owner Jolie Wilson

Graduation Requirements

Student Hours Log

In Person 200hr YTT Course Plan - 40 Online Hours


Module 11-15

Module 11:

Solar Plexus Asana with Jackie

Solar Plexus Chakra with Kati

Philosophy Workshop | 3rd Limb of Yoga: Asanas with Nina

ASANA LAB: Stabilization Postures Continuation with Jackie

Practice Teach 8

Solar Plexus Meditation with Jackie

Anatomy Exercise Workshop Arms- Jackie

Coursework - Self Study


Module 12:

Morning Asana 'Kundalini Hatha Fusion' with Jolie

Intro to Tantra and Kundalini with Jackie

ASANA LAB, Lateral Bends-Jackie

Practice Teach 9

Meditation for Healing - Jackie

All Things Tech: Online Yoga Business 101 with Asiya Khaki

Cosmic Footprint with Asiya

Coursework - Self-Study


Module 13:

Heart Chakra Morning Asana with Jackie

Philosophy Workshop: 4th Limb of Yoga: Pranayama with Nina

Heart Chakra with Nina

Twists Asana Lab with Jackie

Practice Teach 10

Metta Meditation with Nina

Cultivating a Home Practice With Nina

Coursework - Self-Study


Module 14:

Heart Chakra Morning Asana with Nina

The Gods of Yoga with Megan

Backbends Asana Lab with Jackie

Practice Teach 11

Breath and Interpersonal Meditation with Jackie

Anatomy Exercise Workshop Legs with Jackie

Vayus with Stefanie

Coursework - Self-Study


Module 15:

Throat Chakra Morning Asana with Jackie

Throat Chakra with Kati

Philosophy Workshop: 5th Limb of Yoga: Pratyahara with Nina

Forward Folds Asana Lab with Jackie

Practice Teach 12

Throat Chakra Meditation with Jackie

Be Empowered to Protect your own Energy with Molly Moon

Coursework - Self-Study


Module 1-5

Module 1:

Morning Asana - Kati

Mindfulness - Jackie

Effective Language in Asana with Kati

Meditation - A Story of Souls Choosing Their Next Life with Jolie

Philosophy - Brief Timeline of Yoga with Jackie

Hatha and Vinyasa History - Jackie

Coursework - Self Study

Anatomy Coursework - Self Study

What is Yoga - Self Study Guide


Module 2:

Morning Asana with Nina

Pranayama with Jackie

Structuring a Yoga Class Sequence with Kati

Meditation - St. Germain Healing Ancestral Energy Violet Flame Meditation with Jolie

Philosophy - Western Styles of Yoga with Jackie

Yoga Classes Today - What Makes a Class Effective - Jackie

Coursework - Self Study

Anatomy Coursework - Self Study


Module 3:

Morning Asana with Jolie

The Meaning of Aum/OM and Symbolism with Megan

Intention Setting with Jackie

Theme and Tone of Class with Jackie

Bandhas with Kati

Meditation with Asiya

Exploring Emotional Causes of Pain in the Body with Jolie

Meet the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali - Jackie

Coursework - Self Study

Anatomy Coursework - Self Study


Module 4:

Morning Asana with Molly Moon

Practice Teaching 1 - Beginning Your Yoga Class

Praana Praanee Praanayam Kundalini Breath Technology - With Jolie

Golden Light Protection Meditation with Nina

Kundalini Breath Technology to Clear & Focus with Jolie

The Heart Brain Connection with Jackie

Coursework - Self Study

Anatomy Coursework - Self Study


Module 5:

Asana with Jackie

Hatha Yoga with Jackie

Warm Ups with Kati

Practice Teaching 2

Meditation with Asiya

Your Brain on Yoga with Jackie

Kundalini Stress Buster Kriya with Jolie

Coursework - Self Study

Anatomy Coursework - Self Study


Module 16-20

Module 16:

Chakra Asana with Solaya

Workshop: Business of Yoga with Nina

Forward Bends Asana Lab with Jackie

Practice Teach 13

Meditation with Asiya

Gods of Yoga 2 with Megan

Mantra and Mudra Workshop with Solaya

Coursework: Self-Study


Module 17:

Third Eye Morning Asana with Jackie

Philosophy Workshop: 6th Limb of Yoga: Dharana with Nina

Third Eye Chakra with Kati

Arm Balances Asana Lab with Jackie

Practice Teach 14

Third Eye Meditation with Jackie

How to Create & Lead Your Own Meditations with Molly

Coursework: Self-Study


Module 18:

Hanuman Mythology morning Asana with Jackie

Philosophy Workshop: 7th Limb of Yoga: Dhyana with Nina

Kriyas with Solaya

Balances Asana Lab with Jackie

Practice Teach 15

Meditation with Nina

Channeling/ Intuitive Development with Solaya

Coursework: Self-Study


Module 19:

Crown Chakra Asana with Jackie

Philosophy Workshop: 8th Limb of Yoga: Samadhi with Nina

Crown Chakra with Kati

Asana Lab: Party Tricks with Jackie

Practice Teach 16

Yoga Nidra- Sleeping to Illuminate the Crown Chakra with Jackie

Meditation with Asiya

Yogic Lifestyle with Jackie


Module 20:

Yin Yoga Morning Asana with Nina

Intro to Yin with Molly

Final Prep & Practice of Your 60 Minute Class

Meditation Opening to Channel with Jolie

Yoga Alliance with Megan

Yogic Self Care with Kati

Fascia and Samskaras with Nina


Module 6-10

Module 6:

Asana Dosha Class with Jackie

Ayurveda the Science of Life-Jackie

Chaturanga Asana Lab with Kati

Practice Teaching 3

Meditation with Asiya

Hatha Yoga Lesson 2 with Jackie

Kundalini Sat Kriya with Jolie

Coursework - Self Study


Module 7:

Asana Chakra Balancing Class with Jackie

The 8 Limbs of Yoga with Nina

Sun Salutations with Kati

Practice Teach 4

Meditation Chakra Clearing with Jackie

Gunas with Nina

Introduction to the Chakras with Jackie

Coursework - Self Study


Module 8:

Morning Asana Root Chakra with Jolie

Root Chakra with Kati

Yamas with Nina

Root Chakra Postures with Kati

Practice Teach 5

Root Chakra Meditation with Asiya

Koshas Workshop with Nina

Coursework -Self Study


Module 9:

Mandala Goddess Flow with Nina

Sacral Chakra with Kati

Niyamas with Nina

Hips - Asana Lab with Kati

Practice Teach 6

Sacral Chakra Rebirth & Recreation Meditation with Jackie

Subtle Energy Introduction & Nadis with Stefanie

Coursework -Self Study


Module 10:

Sacral Chakra Asana with Stefanie

Bhagavad Gita with Nina

Anatomy Terminology for Yoga Teachers with Jackie

Asana Lab: Stabilization postures with Jackie

Practice Teach 7


Sound & Affirmation Meditation with Nina

Anatomy of the Spine With Jackie

Coursework - Self Study


Module 21

Module 21:

Restorative Yoga Morning Asana with Shelly

Intro to Restorative Yoga with Shelly

ASANA LAB: Core Work

Record Your 60 Minute Class Final

Health Spa of Light Meditation with Asiya

Shadowwork Workshop with Nina

Closing Ceremony with Jackie

Frequently Asked Questions



Is the training in person?

Yes, we meet in person at the URENERGY shala located in Midtown Miami.


Do I have to teach during this training?

It is important to teach because it creates an inner transformation. You develop confidence, your voice and your inner teacher. You don't have to teach after the training, but we do require you to teach in the 200 hour module.


What if I miss trainings?

You need to make up the hours either privately which incurr a cost of $100/hr or you can jump into the next training.


If guest instructor, have to seek him/her our and pay for that portion of training. Zoom is available for remote students or because life happens.

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