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About Us

About Us

URENERGY YOGA is the key to unlocking your highest potential

Welcome to UrEnergy Yoga, we are located in the heart of Miami, north of the Design District.  Since 2014, URENERGY YOGA SCHOOL has been offering Yoga teacher Trainings, Workshops, group classes, Private classes, Yoga Retreats, Corporate Yoga

Come and experience for yourself the vibe your will feel at the Shala and the love you will receive from our Director Nicolay Del Salto, Papa Guru

The name UrEnergy Yoga came about because You(U) Are(r) Energy, E=MC(squared.) We encourage our teachers to connect to the student's energy and create a unique flow based on that Energy.


Our lineage is deeply anchored in the traditional Yoga of Astanga (Vinyasa), Sivananda, and Iyengar.


Our classes which flow with movements that create a space where classic (asanas and spirituality) meets contemporary (mental and sensory)


My name is Nicolay del Salto

Founder of URENERGY Yoga

Nicolay is a passionate yoga teacher since 2003, coach, and Reiki practitioner. He has his background in Dance, Engineering, and executive in Finance. Skilled with a blend of body movement, energy flows in Quantum Physics, and analytics, he felt the real energy flow in a milestone Reiki session.  


He was hooked, curious, and his personal yoga path began. Nicolay has an extensive background studying with renowned teachers in the lineages of Sivananda, Ashtanga, and Iyengar, and he has thought endless hours in these lineages.  


Nicolay is known for vibing your energy approach, which inspires him in creating the class to guide you in a present state during your movements. He is a mindful and direct teacher who loves to share the art of practicing and teaching yoga.


Provide space for a community of like-minded yogis in a place we all call home. An environment that nourishes, holds, moves and elevates you on a physical, mental, and spiritual level through the practice of Yoga.

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Papa Guru, Director/Creator of UrEnergy Yoga
Nicolay del Salto


I was born in Quito Ecuador

Bragging Rights

Advanced Teacher Training from Sivananda Vedanta Centers, Own and operate a Yoga School where I certify teachers under the auspices of Yoga Alliance

What Most Don't Know

I have two daughters and before becoming a Yoga teacher, I was a Managing Director at an Investment firm.

Regeneration Destination

Paddle boarding is my go-to when in need of relaxation and reflection. Although every day I ground myself with meditation

My Commitment

I am committed to being the best version of myself by eating healthy, exercising, resting and helping others.

After my Class You'll Feel..

Yoga refuels your muscles and clear your mind, my students always leave recharged and relaxed

"Create your reality with a fit body. You are what you eat and what you think."


Contact Us

Urenergy Yoga

32 NE 52nd St, Miami, FL 33137

Tel: (305) 300-0631


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